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 5 Star Google Reviews

My son zachary got his braces off today. Dr. Stoll is kind, friendly and the most genuine person that you will ever meet. He is always up beat and energetic. That attitude definitely filters down to his staff. It’s actually sad that he is getting the braces off because the staff feels like our friends and we will miss them. Great job to everyone that works here.

When working with service providers one is always hoping for great service, with great outcomes. Rarely does that occur as expected. Stoll orthodontics is a rare exception and we couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of service and the beautiful smile our daughter now has.
Rod Taylor

When your orthodontist treats you like your family, you know you’re in good hands! Dr. Stoll and his team have been wonderful! I have always wanted to be proud of my smile and dr. Stoll made that happen! Thank you all!

My mom was a braces patient here, and she insisted that I bring my kids in for a free consultation. I did it to appease her, but was immediately impressed with the office atmosphere. The place runs like a well-oiled machine, and it just feels nice. Both of my kiddos are now patients, and their smiles are shaping up nicely. Dr. Stoll has a great disposition, as does his staff. I'm super happy with Stoll Orthodontics and have recommended them to friends.
Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

When you first come in to Dr. Stoll's office, it is so amazing with all the video games to keep the kids busy and beautiful decorations – I was convinced that his services would be more expensive than others in accordance with what I was seeing. However, I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Stoll offers so much at a very competitive and reasonable price! We've been treated like family (in the best possible way!) by each and every member of the team, and we have been so pleased. We especially appreciate Robyn, who is the friendly face you'll see first whenever you enter. Everyone has been so patient and attentive any time there's been a question or something needs an in-between adjustment. They also have a "rewards" program where patients get points for things like timeliness and good hygiene, which can be traded in for some great rewards like Amazon or restaurant gift cards. Dr. Stoll is excellent, and teeth have turned out beautifully. Highly recommended. Thanks everyone!
Sarah Cates

Dr. Stoll is the best! My daughter went to Dr. Stoll, and when it was my son's turn, even though it was a little further drive for us, I wouldn't have dreamed of going to anyone else for his orthodontics. The entire staff is exceptional. Everyone is professional, yet so friendly and welcoming. My children are very comfortable there, and I love the way Dr. Stoll really interacts with them, making them feel special!
Kelly Olmsted

Dr. Stoll and his office are amazing. Every time I go in there, it feels like they know me personally. My son loves the reward system and has earned multiple GameStop gift cards. It's great to keep him on track with his hygiene.
Chase’s parent

We have known Dr. Stoll and his staff for 6 years. We are now going on the third person in our family to get braces. We wouldn't go anywhere else. It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Stoll and his wonderful staff. We have had great results, as Dr. Stoll is a perfectionist, and we would recommend him to everyone. His staff members are more like friends and are always helpful when issues come up with scheduling. They have a beautiful office, and we have always been very comfortable in the waiting area and treatment area. As an adult who went through braces twice, this experience was a much better one than the last one!
Roz Smith

Dr. Stoll has far exceeded our expectations regarding our son’s orthodontic care. After three years, our son is finally done with his braces, and we could not be more pleased with the results. Dr. Stoll was extremely professional and patient throughout the entire experience – even when our son was a challenge regarding wearing rubber bands (thus the three years of treatment). He and his office staff do an exceptional job with all of the patients, and they know how to be firm and effective, yet fun and cool. This is difficult to do especially when dealing with teenagers! I was impressed with the way the office was kept (toothbrush station, games, coffee, TV) and how business flowed easily and professionally. I have recommended Dr. Stoll to my friends, however, most have already heard of Dr. Stoll’s outstanding reputation! Many thanks to Dr. Stoll and his staff!!
Jennifer Beyer

Describe how you feel we met your expectations:
I began the whole process due to discomfort in my shifting teeth at age 31. This was all due to
facial/teeth trauma I experienced almost 20 years earlier. The process of replacing a dead tooth with an implant and using orthodontia to create a fully-functional bite and perfect smile where met between Dr. Stoll, his amazing staff, and my surgeon. It was brought to my attention I also had a cross bite, which was corrected. My expectations were exceeded! Care was available often, by phone if not by visit.

What was your experience like with our staff?
Dr. Stoll is a high-energy guy with the plans and vision to fix all problems dental. His staff of at least five different professionals, names slip my mind, were exacting, determined, happy to be working, and experienced in all aspects of my treatment and needs as a patient. The front desk, billing, and legal, were all top notch, with facts and smiles to match. I never left the office not knowing what I needed to know.

What was the most important factor for choosing Stoll Orthodontics?
Location, reviews online, and their sharing of a building with Nelson & Rollert Associates in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery all factored in. Plus, the free t-shirt! Way to end a visit!

What would you say you enjoyed most about working with us?
Again, I always had an answer for my questions, from any of the professionals I approached. I do feel the medical personnel took my pain and comfort into consideration while in office and out the door. I was treated like an adult, by adults. Also, communicating with my dentist and my surgeon has made my life a few tics easier. THANK YOU for treating me like a customer, not a number!

Describe how you feel about the value of the investment made:
At this point, I have healthy, aligned teeth; a proper bite; and the best smile of my life. My dental hygiene has improved. Also, my wife insists this is the best my smile has ever been.
Derrick Rasmussen

Very happy with our experience with Dr. Stoll and his staff. Our daughter's smile is beautiful now and was worth every visit and every phase! Never felt that things were done that weren't absolutely necessary, and never for a minute longer than needed. We feel that Dr. Stoll and staff operate with integrity as a foundation of everything they do. Talented and educated team doing their best to make all smiles beautiful! So pleased that we'll be using Dr. Stoll for our other daughter's smile as well!
Darla Koci

We received a referral to Dr. Stoll from family friends and it was the best recommendation ever! From the very first moment, we have been made welcome into the Stoll ‘Family.’ Leaving the office after each visit happy, and never feeling you were rushed, is priceless.
Lisa V.

At every appointment we were treated with the utmost respect and always felt as if we were part of a unique family and never a number! The professionalism and genuine caring nature exhibited by you and your staff, along our orthodontic journey, will never be forgotten.
Tammy J.

We would recommend this practice a million times over! Dr. Stoll and his beautiful staff are both professional and personable. When we walk through the door it is as if we are the only patient in the office. My 10 year old looks forward to coming to Dr. Stoll's office...that says it all. We have never seen a practice like this one and we are proud to say we would recommend Dr. Stoll to anyone and I have many times!
Julie G.

The orthodontic workmanship of Dr. Stoll’s office has been incredible. My 4 daughters, all of which have been treated by Dr. Stoll, have received the most beautiful smiles. The office is cheerful, easy going, and very friendly. They take every effort to be informative with the patients and their families and make the patients feel at ease all throughout the orthodontia process. He also has strong ties to the community as he supports local schools and sports programs. I would highly recommend Dr. Stoll and his knowledgeable staff to anyone who is anticipating or is in need of orthodontics. Their results are amazing!!
Sherry Stewart & Family

Both of my teenagers are patients of Dr. Stoll and his staff. We have been extremely impressed with their professionalism. He and every member of the staff are always super-friendly and always accommodating whenever last-minute adjustments are needed. I know adults and children who are patients of Dr. Stoll’s and they feel the same way I do. Overall, it has been a pleasant experience from the very first consultation and I would highly recommend his office to anyone who is in need of an orthodontist.

Dr. Stoll and his staff have done an excellent job of providing the very best in orthodontic care and customer service! The minute you walk in the office you are greeted by name with a smile. The care that Dr. Stoll takes when explaining your child’s progress is wonderful. He always speaks in terms that not only you understand but your child does too. The office is a strong supporter of the community. Dr. Stoll and his staff have visited our elementary school to talk about the importance of taking care of your teeth and they love him! We have been so pleased with Dr. Stoll and highly recommend his office to everyone!
Kevin & Robyn

My parents and I visited with a couple of orthodontists for my treatment. My parents let me choose the orthodontist that I preferred and it was a no-brainer — Dr. Stoll. Dr. Stoll and his staff made me feel so welcome when we first walked into the office. Since my treatment started, I actually enjoy going to my appointments because I have made some great friends there.

From the first time we walked into Stoll Orthodontics, we were treated like old friends. Dr. Stoll and his staff have always been friendly and welcoming. At every visit, he greets us with a friendly, “Hello, how are you?” and he never forgets a face. Dr. Stoll and his staff take the time to make my kids feel at ease, yet we are able to attend an appointment and be back at school in no time. We would recommend Stoll Orthodontics to anyone who wants a kid-friendly environment and an Orthodontist who really cares. Dr. Stoll, thank you for making us smile!
The Johansen Family

We are so pleased with the service we have received for our two children from Dr. Stoll and his staff. This is an office who goes out of their way to build positive relationships with their patients, the families, and the community as well. Both of our children have had pleasant experiences with orthodontics through Dr. Stoll’s office. We would recommend Dr. Stoll to anyone who appreciates good quality service.
Marilyn and Chris

My daughter and I have both been receiving orthodontic treatment and have been very pleased with the high level of service from Dr. Stoll and his staff. Dr. Stoll and his caring staff have always made us feel very welcome and comfortable in the office. Dr. Stoll discusses our treatment progress in detail and answerers all of our questions. We recommend Dr. Stoll and his office for exceptional orthodontic treatment.

Have you ever looked forward to going to the dentist? I can truly answer that question with a YES! Each visit I was greeted by name and made to feel like I was a part of their family. Conversations were linked to each patient, all of us interjecting, laughing, and sharing our experiences both past and present. I never wanted to leave! Dr. Stoll and his staff treated me with the utmost kindness; always gentle and compassionate during all procedures, and never hesitated to explain or answer my never ending questions! I came to them when my 2 front teeth had spread so far apart that I was very uncomfortable smiling or laughing. I was extremely self- conscious and this was beginning to affect my job as I dealt with people every day. I feel blessed to have found such a tender, kindhearted, and experienced practice. I would like to thank both Dr. Stoll and his entire staff for giving me back my smile and confidence. I would highly recommend anyone looking for that perfect smile to visit Dr. Stoll’s office. Here, you will surely find it!

We couldn’t be more pleased with EVERYTHING about Stoll Orthodontics! Ashley’s teeth are perfect and beautiful! I was initially pleased with the genuine care and concern that we were received with – we were previously told Ashley would need a complicated appliance, and a very long treatment time by another office. Dr. Stoll found it unnecessary and was able to shorten the treatment time considerably. The staff is AWESOME! They are professional and concerned about their patients’ lives in addition to their treatment! We actually miss coming to the Orthodontist!

“Hello to All: Hi my name is Stephanie and my daughter Ashleigh is a patient of Dr. Stoll’s. Wow, what a fantastic difference in her teeth! When Ash first became his patient her teeth were fighting amongst each other for who was going to get the best seat in her mouth. Now 10 months into her treatment, it’s like the tooth fairy put a new set of teeth in her mouth while she was sleeping, they're beautiful! You’ll totally enjoy both Dr. Stoll and his staff, the girls and their kindness are priceless. Your teeth will love coming here and so will your child!”